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What is Rifleman Media?
What is a Portal?
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The easiest way to describe our activities is like a MINI-AMAZON, back when Amazon just sold books, but without their goal of controlling the universe. Unlike Amazon, we are creating new media forms and delivery methods of telling stories and specialize in creating different GENRES!

A PORTAL is a gateway door to many different websites. Obviously, this site does NOT look like a portal and suffers serious tl;dr: syndrome (too long, didn't read). Unlike Amazon, Rifleman Media has spent its resources first developing original content, NOT fancy website programming. That comes NEXT!

This is our introduction to public publishing! Each series of horizontal grqphics, like color bars, on this site represent a major shift in subject matter - like a different website. We have a MULTITUDE of NEW CREATIONS, already designed, drawn, or written. These creations are in bullet lists, with each dot representing creation, (NEW books, movies, graphic novel). Each one deserves its own website!

The next step is to break this site portal into a MULTITUDE of shorter web sites with short pages, ADDING MANY more images, pictures, sound, graphs and MORE INTERACTION with users! The WWII website will be truly SPECTACULAR! See FLIPCHART PHOTOS in Development section for "teaser" details. Soon our BLOG will display our own content.

Right now Rifleman Media has a limited profile on these social media sites:
=>Linked-In: Kate Kindlarski, focusing on her professional experience.
=>Facebook: Focuses on Kate's parents - the great WWII heroes. The primary account appears to be under url, "https://facebook.com/www.ruth.hacke.39." Mother's 'personal' page (with a timeline format) has the Facebook search title, "Ruth Hacke." Father has a 'public figure' page under this account, with the Facebook search title of "Joe and Ruth - WWII Heroes." It does not have a timeline format, and is very difficult to use.
Note: After YEARS of fruitless, futile struggle just with their login process and consulting with hundreds of users, Facebook. Does. Not. Work. At. Any. Level. It's the WORLD'S WORST computer programming! NO ONE truly understands how it works, including the autobots that run it! There is at least one unauthorized Facebook page on Joe Kindlarski that appears on Facebook. Please contact THIS site with the exact Facebook url if anyone can find it.

Current Portal Navigation tricks:
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Rifleman Media's sites WORK. Just go slow but do go below! There's a lot here to see!

What is a genre, really?

Rifleman Media's primary internet computer technology is based in Paris, France (where privacy and liberty is still valued). Since much of our content has an international flavor, we like using foreign phrases.

Genre is a classy French word for kind or type. Genre is a "category of artistic composition characterized by a particular style, form, or content" (Webster's Third International Dictionary, Copyright 1976, page 947). A genre is distinctive, and can apply to any type or form of creative work: literary, image, video, art, etc. New ones are being created all the time! Currently Rifleman Media is creating under three genres, represented by our genre theme logos and icons (go below).

Rifleman Media's Common Themes

One common theme in the current Rifleman Media genres is that all these stories are true! In many cases the names have been changed to "protect the guilty" (snark / satire). This serves to "protect the authors" too!

Another common theme is the most of Rifleman Media's creators believe that the story outweighs the author. Focusing on the STORY and not WHO WROTE IT is very rare today in the world of MODERN corporate publishing. Jane Yollen in Writers Magazine called this the goal of all good writers, quoting another author who published under the name of "ANON." This is short for the word, ANONYMOUS. Though it sounds strange, this was far more common in previous generations of authors, before television and "selfies" existed.

Most Rifleman Media creators market individual works under a nom-de-plume (French for "pen name"), which is like an alias. This is means they publish under a name other than their own. Most people think that George Orwell wrote the famous classical books, "Animal Farm" and "1984." It was his nom-de-plume. The author's real name was Eric Blair.

Rifleman Media's Raison d'Etre: Tormented Soldier

From the original conception of Rifleman Media, our raison d'etre (French for "reason for existence / being") goes beyond just creating and publishing. Rifleman Media is privately-developed and controlled. Since ALL WORK so far has been DONE IN-HOUSE, the Rifleman Media has excellent product margins on its tangible WWII Media brand products: WWII is our 'Main Feature' on today's Portal...
Direct jump into yet untold WWII hero stories:
Ruth and Joe photo in full uniform, 1946 Berlin  = color scan - coa - derivative photo icon. PM Copyright - 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.=>  Rifleman Media introduces Ruth and Joe.

Our margins increase significantly under full manufacturing operations. This will enable a percentage of future GROSS revenues (not NET income) going to fund the real goal: PROVIDING ARMY RIFLEMAN VETERANS A SAFE HOME. See our formal Motto and Mission in the Tormented Soldier section (near site end): Tormented Soldier: Helping combat vets, General Patton style. In other words, by supporting Rifleman Media now, MANY veterans will benefit profoundly in the future. Note: To open ANY link in new window, just click "open in new tab" from your browser menu.

How has Rifleman Media been developed so far?
The short answer?
Under exceptional duress!
Employing exceptional endurance!

Read more about these epic, exceptional, energetic stories: How has Rifleman Media been developed so far? Note: Without reason, "crazy" Firefox now has real "issues" with some links in this section, going up, not down, website. Fall 2018

How To Distribute Content

Rifleman Media is raising money to move to larger facilities. We are beyond eager to increase distribution of all this ORIGINAL CONTENT then sharing the rewards on our OWN platform! It's the last remaining big step to reach higher profitablity! While this is happening, our old and new content is marketed here and on select 3rd party web platforms under donation-style / rewards-based models. This is easier said than done!

The biggest NEW problem? Almost all U.S. based websites have recently tripled their user legal agreements, decreasing user internet privacy protections. Why? To "technically comply" (i.e., legally circumvent) the new European Union internet laws (May 25, 2018) which increased user privacy protections . This goes against the very principles of Rifleman Media. Reading all these lengthly legal agreements (which Rifleman Media does, carefully) can be lethal. (Can you say "migraine headache"? We can, very loudly.")

Peer-to-Peer Funding is the SAFEST PAYMENT MECHANISM

The only real way to protect the valuable integrity of both our supporters and our content is to make direct ONLINE connections. This is what Rifleman Media has done for over a decade -> in person. What are the ultra-modern buzz words for this very old transaction style? "Peer-to-Peer" is the primary concept behind "bit coin" and "blockchain" technology. Because this new technology is not yet widely tested or accepted, the closest payment mechanism is the "old-school" Western Union!

Direct funds transfer is something that the Western Union does very well. NO PERSONAL DATA IS PERMANENTLY STORED other than by Western Union. There is no 3rd PARTY (or 4th or 5th or 6th party) to "steal" phone contacts, internet browsing history, etc. Unlike many financial agents, (PayPal !), Western Union is governed by the banking laws of Georgia and New York.

Donors control the process of how funds are sent and received, not the recipient or "arbitrary, autocratic autobots." Cash transactions made at Western Union physical locations have very strict controls on verifing that the ONLY Katherine Kindlarski, the founder of RiflemanMedia, receives them.

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You will help
change a little history,
build the future, help people,
AND have fun doing it!

Like a 1851 Western Union Wild West Rifleman (or Riflewoman), contribute via WesternUnion.com to join our cause!

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A reward can be anything from any site listed under this portal! Try the Future WWII storylines based on their lifetimes AFTER WWII. Movies, books, and graphic art, link backing to the WWII Story Brands. They keep the same themes but with different styles and content. Try checking out our other site links for original content on different topics. If you don't like one, try another.

The size of your reward is loosely related to the donation amount. For examples, see https://www.Patreon.com/RiflemanMedia (link intentionally NOT programmed, as this site may not be up.) These rewards are now being offered here at Rifleman Media, not there. Fun info about today's military ranks is included in our tier level descriptions: Private $10/ Sergeant $25/ Major $50 / General $100. DONATE HERE, NOT THERE because funds will NOT be received there. Why? Read more of our "horrific history" with crowd funding / 3rd party sites at: Various Comments: -> technical, financial, and due diligence

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STAY ON TOPIC: Ruth and Joe photo in full uniform, 1946 Berlin  = color scan - coa - derivative photo icon. PM Copyright - 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

  1. Rifleman Media presents our main feature, introducing Ruth and Joe
  2. Overall scope of WWII as Ruth and Joe experienced it
  3. Future WWII storylines based on their lifetimes AFTER WWII. Movies, books, and graphic art, link backing to the WWII Story Brands. They keep the same themes but with different styles and content. This FUTURE STORYLINE section is directly related to Rifleman Media's FUTURE VALUATION and DEVELOPMENT: How has Rifleman Media been developed so far?
  4. Brand description: THWY: The Hell with You, with a quote from "the Book" of all books.
  5. THWY - Book 1: Charts of an Infantry Division in WWII
  6. THWY - Book 2: Component Elements of the Infantry Divisions in WWII
  7. THWY - Book 3: Casualties in All Principle U.S. Wars - by branch of service
  8. Introducing WWII Media stories told by my Mother, Ruth: Brand descriptions - IGWT: In God We Trust and KTH: Kitchen Table History
  9. Contact data and product information
  10. Tormented Soldier: Helping combat vets, General Patton style

Some of this content needs updating. The first edition WWII books have been sold out! After 4+ years of beta testing, these little books were a huge success. Readers were very impressed by their physical construction, loved their tactile feel AND the content. As they stroked the superior papers, most thought they were under-priced! This series will be published as SECOND EDITIONS upon relocation.

To change topic to Ice Cool, Old School stories about adventure and romance.

The skewed ice cube balloon ICON (left side) takes you to www.JustaLittleBitHigh.com: "Ice Cool, Old School" stories about adventure and romance. And we do mean, COOL - like ICE, man. Set in the rebel 1970's, the crazy 80's, and half of the wild 1990's, this is what dating, loving, and lust were like before AIDS, text messaging, and Windows 95 existed! These TRUE, REAL LIFE stories are so hot and funny that they are just ice cool.
Call us nostalgia and you’ll piss us grandmas and grandpas off.
See ya later ALLIGATORS. In awhile, CROCODILES.

To change topic to
HIGH content now available or under development:
  • FREE ASCENT / subtitle: Have YOU ever made love under a waterfall? This website currently highlights a story about meeting true love while scuba diving in Rio, Brazil. When you run out of air while scuba diving, do you buddy breathe with Adonis or ditch your scuba tanks and rise to the surface solo (called a "free ascent")? Particularly with the most handsome man you have ever seen? It is sexy, hot, romantic, and hilarious - all at the same time = like true love often is. Its form is an unusual film treatment / film storyboard / graphic novel / comic strip told through actual old school photographs (not digital!) in a "he said, she said" format.
  • WORKING FOR MARC RICH / subtitle: Yes, this is "that" Marc Rich. A funny, coming of age story set in the early 1980's, while working for one of the richest men in the world. It is set in the city that never sleeps, in the chic neighborhood of St. Patrick's Catherdral on Fifth Avenue (before Trump). This three act film treatment is an ensemble work with many unusual characters, dealing with the office romances and politics. The story takes place as Rudy Guiliani, the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York (1983-1989) is pursuing Marc Rich during a stressful era in global economic and political crisises. Marc Rich achieved ever lasting infamy because of years of court proceedings, President Clinton's pardon (late 1990's), and former FBI Director's Comey's subsequent investigations of political contributions (2000's). Available by snail mail. Hardcopy only. Send email for pricing or development rights data. This is the middle story of a planned TRILOGY.
  • STONEHENGE / subtitle: you just can’t love a rock, no matter how handsome he is. It is told through the transcription of actual handwritten letters and postcards, set back in the days when making one international phone call was more expensive than buying a smart phone is today. These lovers chased each other around the world for a decade, but never actually became a couple. The real sin? Both expert scuba divers, they never went down together! Pun intended!
  • SEX AND ALIVE @ 85 / subtitle: Does EVERYTHING in film making revolve around sex and money, from birth to death? (Rhetorical question! Of course it does!) As a serious female navigating this OTHER world, you have to be an Oscar actress with a really good sense of humor just to deal with the players. This is the last of multiple stories researched and developed over 20 years about a real movie producer / director, who broke ALL of the Hollywood studio and marketing media rules and made a fortune doing it.

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To change topic to Truth or Lie? Speaking truth to power in REAL life

The broken arrow ICON (left side) takes you to www.FractionalEthics.com: Truth or Lie? If you lie, can you call yourself HONEST?
Are true values or ethics absolute or conditional? Or are they fractured - broken?
True stories about how this works in the REAL world when you speak the truth to power.

To change topic to Truth or Lie? True stories about how this works in the REAL world. Visit https://www.FractionalEthics.com. Full FRAC logo under PM Copyright - 2017, 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

This lists just some of the MAJOR content categories completed or under final development. There are "scores more" - see website for updates.
  • EATEN ALIVE (set in a hostile midwestern city - entire franchise series - almost unbelievable, but it really happened!)
  • DRIVEN OUT AT GUNPOINT (set in a crazy southern American state / national scope - entire franchise series)
  • CONDO COMMANDOS - Master Maniacs (set in South Florida)
  • The REAL Storage Unit Wars (national scope)
  • THE CHICAGO SNAKE PIT (international / global scope on why most corporations fail their customers through bad management)

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          WWII Media presents...
The first of many true & unique stories of two U.S. Army combat heroes told through their own personal memorabilia, combined with actual media of the era, 1939 to 1945, in the European theatre of World War Two (WWII).
Ma and Pa photo in full uniform, 1946 Berlin  = color scan - coa.  PM Copyright - 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Ruth Hacke & Joe Kindlarski - Berlin, Germany 1946
These are true World War Two stories based on two people who fought in and survived the biggest and bloodiest global war ever fought on this earth. Very few involved in this war ever experienced what Joe and Ruth experienced. This extraordinary history has never been told before - this is just the beginning...
Through their own WWII photographs, documents, and treasured personal possessions, their stories make history come vividly alive. This real-life, family WWII history of Joe and Ruth is linked to real-life news, databases, and government research from that historical period. Best of all, these stories are entertaining, quick to read, and inexpensive. Scroll down to see!

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    Making the introductions and setting the stage...
The first stories introduce the huge scope of this war, which was like no other war. Meant to give context to their roles in it, these initial publications highlight the background knowledge to "get" just how unique Joe and Ruth were. Some demonstrate what really it was really like to fight this war as a Rifleman from the frontlines, how dangerous it was, and how few really did so. All demonstrate how get the inside story; how to "read between the lines" to understand the real meaning behind lists of data and dates - and what this meant to the people behind all these facts and numbers.

Filled with pictures and graphics, these short pamphlets interpret historical data from many sources, summarizing the results into a simple sentence or a short paragraph, in clear, plain language. These first booklets are short - the largest booklet is only 16 pages and others are told on just one sheet of paper.

There are over 1,000 segments to these storylines, organized into separate topics and themes. Just like they both remembered, their incredible saga is broken into bite-size pieces, on many different subjects, but all interconnected. Each one stands alone, but are so interesting that you will want to come back for more bytes - again and again. (Especially when we allow downloads to smart phones! Send an email below to be notified electronically for different types of stories and other types of media formats.)

    Summary of current story brands under WWII Media:
THWY series:
A Rifleman on the Frontlines - Tales of Battlefield Glory, Sheer Courage, and Bloody Patriotism.
IGWT stories:
True wartime experiences about Ma and Pa focusing on Battlefield Glory, Honor, Faith, & Redemption & how it changed them forever.
KTH serials:
Short stories & anecdotes of Daily Life in Wartime, Battlefield Politics, Betrayals, and Pure Adventure during the era of WWII.

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Future WWII Story Lines
The "alphabet" brands listed in the WWII Book section are part of our WWII archive / databases (1939 - 1945). These focus on restoring Joe and Ruth's true "Glory and Gory" history, with actual original documents and historical research. (Another three brands in development relate to influence of politics, censorship, media, and religion during wartime.)

Then our future story lines span Joe and Ruth's lifetimes AFTER 1946, give or take a generation or so. Some story details cannot be proved "without a doubt," like the JFK asassination, but they are TRUE. Described in detail in our business plan, the content themes follow these time lines:
    Tales of Betrayal and Redemption / WWII FILMS (1945 - 1948)
  • 1 - The Last Court Martial Betrayal
  • 2 - "Patton was Right!"
  • 3 - The Family Betrayal – Hamtramck Family Steals the Money and Glory, but Never the Honor
  • Tales of Betrayal and Redemption – POST WAR FILMS (1939 - 2018)
  • 4 - The Medal Betrayal – Army Medals Don’t Make a Man
  • 5 - The Betrayal – Army Division Manipulations, Marketing Propaganda, and Modern Historians
  • The Growing Up Stories (1956 - 1980)
  • 6 - Growing up under Two WWII Army Sergeants
  • 7 - Tin Soldiers and Nixon Calling: The Kent State University murders, the Army, Patton, and the childhood church
  • Continuing the War (1956 - 2008)
  • 8 - Continuing the War – The Unions, the Railroad, and the Allotment on the Lake
  • 9 - Continuing the War – After Johnny: Finally I know why my brother died
  • 10 - Continuing the War – After Ma: Keeping Dad in the house – “Gran Torino” in real life
  • Back to WWII at Death (1998 - 2006)
  • 11 - Mother: Returning to her adventure life in Berlin and Paris
  • 12 - Father: Remembering the order of his battles, but not his children’s names
  • Betrayals after Death (1896 - 2016)
  • 13 - The Betrayal – The Statistics of Low Body Counts and the Gravesites
  • 14 - The Betrayal – The First Cousins and Denial through the Generations

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Written in late 1943 and published in 1944 by the Viking Press, Jo [Joe] Kindlarski was one of the four main characters in a famous book by George Biddle. A distinguished member of an American family distinguished for generations, George was commissioned by his childhood friend, wartime U.S. president, Franklin Roosevelt (FDR), to visit the front lines and report what he saw. Biddle definitely saw my Father. Dad made sure of that!

    Biddle-book-Toffey-and-Dad-crop1.jpg PM Copyright - 2010 - 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.    

Joe's portrait (above right), two drawings, and many quotes and stories are featured in section on Italy. Known as 'the book' in our 'family', it changed people's lives for generations! This story brand "THWY" is based on one partial quote from Jo [Joe] Kindlarski as told in this book, "An Artist at War, Tunisia, Sicily, Italy" by author George Biddle (pg. 196):

..."Just then a divisional officer interpreter came up and began questioning the Krauts [German soldiers]. I said: 'Lieutenant, if you are going to question those Krauts for another hour I'll go back to the Thirteenth C.P. [Command Post] and find out what I can do with them.' The Lieutenant said: 'Okay, Corporal. But don't be too long about it.' I said to myself: 'To hell with you.' I left him there with the eleven Jerries. [German soldiers]."

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Organizational Charts of an Infantry Division in WWII
The Officer Rate and Disappearance Factor:
The closer the bullets, the more men disappear.

THWY 1: Organizational Charts - Part 1.  Cover - Full-shot, flat.  3539 - coa. PM Copyright - 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.     THWY 1: Organizational Charts - Part 1.  Open Text - Full-shot, flat.  3532 - coa. PM Copyright - 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

        Part of the WWII Media series:
        THWY – The Hell with You:
          A Rifleman on the Frontlines -
          Tales of Battlefield Glory, Sheer Courage, and Bloody Patriotism

        WWII Media CATEGORY:
        THWY - Battle Statistics - part 1
        Booklet version: 5.1 – First Edition, Second Print Run

        Story summary:
        This explains how a Combat Infantry Division was supposed to be “organized,” with actual hand-drawn charts from the World War Two era. These original hand-drawn charts of an actual combat infantry regiment in WWII go down to the platoon level, the Riflemen who faced the enemy directly. It shows how few Riflemen and even fewer officers really served on the front lines, firing a rifle to kill the enemy.

THWY 1: Organizational Charts - Part 1.  Open to center page graphics in color and black and white.  Full-shot, flat.  3529 - coa. PM Copyright - 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
        Suggested Donation:
This 16 page booklet with all six charts in vivid color is available for $3.99, displayed on the left in the photo above. Shown above on the right, the $2.49 version is also laser printed, with 2 pages in color, and 14 pages in black and white. Please specify color preference when ordering INVENTORY ITEM: brand and product number: "THWY 1."

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Component Elements of the Infantry Divisions in WWII:
The lower the division number, the more battle action

THWY 2: Components of the Infantry Divisions - Part 2. Cover - Full-shot, flat.  3555 - coa. PM Copyright - 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. THWY 2: Components of the Infantry Divisions - Part 2. Cover - Full-shot, standing open.  3556 - coa. PM Copyright - 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.         Part of the WWII Media series:
        THWY – The Hell with You:
          A Rifleman on the Frontlines -
          Tales of Battlefield Glory, Sheer Courage, and Bloody Patriotism

        WWII Media CATEGORY:
        THWY - Battle Statistics - part 2
        Booklet version: 3.4 – First Edition, First Print Run

        Story summary:
This shows the WWII Army Infantry divisions’ elements by number: the combat divisions, their fighting regiments and all the other units that supported those regiments. Lower division numbers mean that the unit is older with a long illustrious history in the Army, staffed with more experienced soldiers. These divisions are the first sent into the fight, with the Regiments and Artillery units closest to the bullets. This is the original organization of the combat infantry divisions in WWII, listed by unit number. This data is essential when working with original war documents, as the U.S. government restructured and/or renamed many units of the Army after WWII (in approximately 1950).
        Suggested Donation:
The one sheet pamphlet in black and white shows the actual "organic combat infantry elements" in WWII on one side. The cover provides summary data on Ruth and Joe's military service. Suggested donation: $1.49. INVENTORY ITEM: brand and product number: "THWY 2." A larger version of this chart, printed over two pages, is added in the wrapped sets package. See below for product photos.

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Casualties in All Principal U.S. Wars
The Army takes the Brunt in Deaths and Wounds

THWY 3: Casualties in All Wars - Part 3. Cover - Full-shot, flat.  3542 - coa. PM Copyright  - 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. THWY 3: Casualties in All Wars - Part 3. Open text - Full-shot, standing. 3549 - coa. PM Copyright - 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
        Part of the WWII Media series:
        THWY – The Hell with You:
          A Rifleman on the Frontlines -
          Tales of Battlefield Glory, Sheer Courage, and Bloody Patriotism

        WWII Media CATEGORY:
        THWY - Battle Statistics - part 3
        Booklet version: 4.2 – First Edition, First Print Run

        Story summary:
        This analyzes Department of Defense deaths and wounds by war and by branch of service for all conflicts from the Revolutionary War through the Persian Gulf War. It shows in simple percentages just how dangerous each war was in terms of the amount of blood shed and the chances of shedding blood, by branch of military service. This is the government's original data, and how it can be adjusted after the fact.
        Suggested Donation:
This 16 page booklet is printed in black and white with a color cover. Suggested donation: $2.99. INVENTORY ITEM: brand and product number: "THWY 3."

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IGWT SERIALS = In God We Trust
Ruth Hacke was an intellectual without the attitude. She taught history through short stories that she told over a cup of coffee in the kitchen, and fascinated all who stopped by to visit, both young and old. She often spoke of the high quality of radio entertainment, the ongoing "serial" stories that she and her father listened to avidly, during the 1930-1940’s. Her favorite was the old radio show called “Only the Shadow Knows,” and she would mime the deep voice of the announcer. Her listeners were transfixed. She spoke of her frustration (and anticipation) as a kid having to wait a whole week to find out what happened next.

Mother really knew how to tell a story, and knew when to end them. This SERIAL SERIES or series of smaller stories combined into longer plots but featuring the same main characters is the concept behind most of the WWII MEDIA products: educational, short story entertainment.

Why my parents’ war records are so unique
With a primer of basic facts on World War Two (WWII) – the short version
IGWT IGWT 1: Unique War Records - part 1. Open text - Full-shot, standing. 3576 - coa. PM Copyright - 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

        Part of the WWII Media series:
        IGWT – In God We Trust
          True wartime experiences about Ma and Pa focusing on Battlefield Glory, Honor, Faith, & Redemption & how it changed them forever.

        WWII Media CATEGORY:
        IGWT stories: Part 1: War Record Research
        Booklet version: 3.1 – First Edition, Second Print Run

        Story summary:

In this two-sided pamphlet, a daughter begins to tell her parents’ truly unusual WWII combat stories over 100 years after they were born, in a new way to a new generation fighting new wars. About 16 million (16,112,566) Americans served in WWII. Over 11 million (11,260,000) were in the U.S. Army. The Army number included the Air Force (about 3 million). Out of all these stories, there is nothing like Ruth and Joe’s…and this brochure lists the main reasons why.
        Suggested Donation:
This brochure also offers a brief snapshot of some basic WWII facts, for those that dozed through this material when it was presented in a classroom. Suggested donation: $1.49 – one side in color and the other in black & white. INVENTORY ITEM: brand and product number: "IGWT 1."

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Stories by Brand Series number and Subject Category:
Booklets 1-4: first editions

Brand: IGWT – In God We Trust Stories
CATEGORY: War Record Research
Part 1: Unique War Records - Short Version

Brand: THWY – The Hell with You Series
CATEGORY: Battle Statistics
Part 1: Organizational Charts of an Infantry Division in WWII
Part 2: Component Elements of the Infantry Divisions in WWII
Part 3: Casualties in All Principal U.S. Wars, focusing on WWII

WRAPPED SETS - Booklets One through Four
WRAPPED SETS - Booklets One - Four  = 3521-co. PM Copyright - 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Buy all four first print run publications and we send them in a custom gift wrap. Each one is hand-wrapped, which makes every one unique. Gift wrap papers and trims are designed under the theme of the Third Infantry Division, an insignia of three diagonal stripes in blue and white. Sets include a larger text version of Item three, Component Elements of the Infantry Divisions in WWII, the list of the numbers of all infantry combat units in the Second World War, printed on full two pages.
        Suggested Donation:
The set costs just $10, with the Organizational Charts (item one) in full color. It's just $8.50 for item one in mostly in black and white. Add Postage & Handling - see below! INVENTORY: brand and product number: WRAPPED SETS - Booklets One - Four. Please specify color preference for product number: "THWY 1" when ordering.

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All publications use high quality, laser printing technology and premium papers. The 16 page booklets measure 8.5" high by 5.5" wide. Durable, 110 lb light cardboard color covers bind heavy white paper stock (22 - 28 lb.) to display the inside graphics and text. One page products vary, from 110 lb cardboard to 22 lb bright white paper, as per the product description detail.

Rifleman Media regrets that these first edition books have been sold out! Readers were very impressed by their physical construction, loved their tactile feel AND the content. As they stroked the superior papers, most thought they were under-priced! This series will be published as SECOND EDITIONS upon relocation, with NEW creations - already written but not yet published! Reserve your copies today!


See Western Union section for IMMEDIATE contact data.
Don't like to order anything online?
Order directly by snail mail or email.
Best for larger rewards requiring physical delivery.

Send email to Info@RiflemanMedia.com

"SNAIL MAIL" ADDRESS - USPS = United States Postal Service
Kindlarski - Rifleman Media
P. O. Box 235
Wellington, OH 44090

Rifleman Media regrets that the WWII Media books listed on this site, the first editions, have been sold out! Send a note or email to get on the waiting list for the SECOND EDITIONS. Though they will priced slightly higher, Rifleman Media will honor any order at the donation amounts listed here and received before publishing.

See our OTHER WEBSITES displaying CONTENT AVAILABLE NOW in the top Rifleman Media Portal section. We do special orders. For example, the WWII statistical charts spreadsheets are also available. See behind the math! Contact us for details.

Payment instructions:
1. Personal checks or money orders written to cash, or exact cash of amount of purchase. Add $1.00 for shipping and handling for one page WWII pamphlets, and $2.00 for WWII multi-page publications. Remember, we DO NOT COLLECT OR STORE ANY CUSTOMER DATA ON ANY WEBSITE.

2. Via Western Union: "SHOOT OUR TARGET LOGO!" -> direct web link for "how to" data ->

SHOOT OUR TARGET -> Our supporters can contribute directly to us, the way they always have, now with WESTERN UNION.

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Rifleman Media's Mission and Motto
Our Mission:
Our mission is to manufacture high quality products at the lowest prices with superior service. We want to "create viable wage American jobs through in-sourcing, not out-sourcing," by providing real benefits, hands-on skill training, and education to as many people as possible.
Our Motto: “Honest work for a higher cause.”
Our ultimate goal is generating continuous income from long-term revenues (not profits!) for Tormented Soldier activities:
Tormented Soldier: Helping combat vets, General Patton style
The reasons for killing in warfare are lost to those who do the killing.   Politics, medals, rank, class, nationality, and race really don’t matter.   All these change over the years, but the act of killing does not for those who kill.   Dead is dead.   It is always a sin and that can not be changed.   This is the torment that Joe and other combat vets can never escape, generating this T.S. motto.

Combat veterans are a different kind of vet.   They need a different kind of support than most regular veterans.   These men have proven themselves on the battlefield, and need the opportunity to continue fighting in a constructive, independent arena.   Focusing the combat drive and intensity into other productive labor is the key to healing, like Joe and Ruth did.   This is how my Mother helped Father heal his very soul during a 50 year marriage, when everyone else abandoned him.  

Their daughter has done significant first hand research into healing these types of moral wounds, now called "morality" - a new media buzz word in a new generation for an ancient cost of all wars since 500 B.C.

Rifleman Media wants to provide a safe environment for those "difficult" veterans who don't have a "Ruth Hacke" savior in their lives.   The conceptual mission of Tormented Soldier is to provide a safe sanctuary during the worst economic era for housing since the Great Depression.   Our focus is on the vets who live on the street, who have addiction problems, the ones who no one else can heal, and perhaps never can be healed completely.   Come to "Mama Rifleman" - we understand your inner torment and will keep you safe and free from judgment.   For more detail on how this concept has been proven with real veterans from our more recent wars, send an email inquiry.

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How has Rifleman Media been developed so far?
Under exceptional duress!
Employing exceptional endurance!

Rifleman Media's Founder funded these creations with an extremely bare-bones bootstrap business model, based on self-funding and private donation crowd funding from micro and mini-micro supporters in 5 states over most of the last decade.

Many of Rifleman Media projects began before electronic books (e-books) were introduced to the public, and before major social media.  This also was before online crowd funding was taken seriously by anyone, especially in the professional investment banking / private equity (PE) / venture capital (VC) worlds, in which the founder had consulted for approximately 25 years:

Founder's professional consulting website, vintage 2006.

Click on the Globe icon to see Founder's "prior life" consulting website, "GMI," vintage 2006, or enter http://www.GlobalMerchantInvest.com directly.Click "More" at bottom of the GMI home page to proceed.   Select browser "open in new tab" for a new window.
NOTE: See "Various Comments" section below for more GMI info.

WWII Media "edutainment"

WWII Media future website design concepts alone were valued at $1.3 million by Florida angel investors and angels / VC players specializing in the IT (information technology) world ALMOST A DECADE AGO.   These original conceptual visions were presented on a 10 page "old school" flip chart.   It was hand drawn on 50 year old paper, a rare birthday gift from a very tough father (Joe) to his young artistic daughter (Katie, the founder of Rifleman Media). "Teaser" photos of this flip chart drawn on "Dad's birthday gift" from 50 years ago:
WWII Media's website design:

  3-BP-03_ConvergenceMeetsFarenheit451-.25-sz.jpg9 - 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.     4-BP-02_MarketResearchResults-.25-sz.jpg - coa. PM Copyright - 2009 - 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  

  • BEFORE the computer technology existed to fully execute these website design concepts.   NOW IT DOES!
  • BEFORE the 1st edition books were designed, published, and tested in Beta for 4+ years,
  • BEFORE the main domain purchased, this website designed, programmed in raw HTML code that does not need apps to run on different systems, and published on private virtual servers,
  • BEFORE all images / graphics / logos were created, in different technical sizes, shapes, and formats
  • BEFORE the remaining historical research was done on the dramatic movies and documentaries, each of which will enhance the marketing of the overall WWII Media "edutainment" website when formally launched.
  • BEFORE a formal 92 page, 10 year business plan was completed in its entirety. this business plan fully explains the 10-page flip chart, adding full-scale marketing research, target market / rollout programs, new product development, overall IT tech design, etc. See the Globe (GMI website) for examples of how intensive and comprehensive her work really is.
  • The best professional business plan she has EVER created, is NOT DETAILED ON THIS WEBSITE. It is designed for entities seeking an in-depth role in Rifleman Media's future. Contact Kate Kindlarski directly for details.

  8-BP-06_Storylines-Graphic-Development-.25-sz.jpg - coa. PM Copyright - 2009 - 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  

The founder did most of this while constantly traveling!

with a real office with DEDICATED internet, computer technology, and MORE SUPPORT!

Don't believe that ANYONE can be this versatile and multi-talented?

Sometimes the Founder doesn't believe it either!
Then she reviews her parents' life-long sacrifices, vis a vis her own accomplishments, and whispers,
"Believe! This is almost done!
My parents' stories WILL BE TOLD ON A GLOBAL STAGE,
like they deserve!"

kk-avatar-eyes-gym-face-crop4-3.99w-454h-coa.jpg  PM Copyright - 2017, 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Under exceptional duress!
Employing exceptional endurance!
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Various Comments: Due diligence info on Founder, technical, financial, and other disclosure details:
  • NOTE: GMI CONSULTING WEBSITE INFO.   This information is provided to those who seek more information on the Founder, called "due diligence" in the investment banking world. Intentionally, Kate Kindlarski has kept a very low profile on social media, particularly during the last decade. All GlobalMerchantInvest . com (GMI) site contact information is out-of-date. Contact data on this website is current. Click multiple Moving Forward links for different connections to her skills, DIVIDED BY TYPE OF CONSULTING SERVICES, BUSINESS SIZE, and STAGE OF GROWTH. Extensive lists of technical skill sets, specific experience data, client lists, training programs, and various pricing/fees are also provided. Best page for overview: http://www.GlobalMerchantInvest.com/1_client%20solutions/1_2-4-index.shtml. For access to an extensive "due diligence" chronological resume (1974-2006), with photos and actual university diplomas, contact Founder DIRECTLY.
  • NOTE: GMI SITE NAVIGATION.   The "www." is needed on the GMI url. The top menu (SSI code) has been omitted to protect GMI site from additional auto-bot content copying. Click "More" at the bottom of the Home page to continue. Internal site navigation works through MANY underlined links - the site is 50 pages!. Links having the same name will take user to different sections of the site. It depends on THE TYPE OF CONSULTING - color coded through the STYLIZED GARGOYLE IMAGES. GMI graphic and CSS site design ALL done by the Founder of THIS SITE in 2006 HTML code!
  • NOTE: CONCEPT VALUATION.   The genres outside WWII Media were NOT included in the valuation. All IP (intellectual property) rights to other genres (content, images, graphics, logos, etc.) have been (AND still are) controlled and administered by Rifleman Media during all stages of literary development.
  • NOTE: T.S. SUPPORT.   Most Rifleman Media genre authors also support the Tormented Soldier concept, under their ANON / nom de plumes.
  • NOTE: CROWD FUNDING HISTORY:   Traditional crowd funding does not work for us, because our products are SO highly-developed (already past beta-tests in multiple markets) and our content is SO RARE. After trying FOUR major crowd funding sites during THREE years, (donation / rewards-based models) we have determined that "funding causes" are NOT what their goals are! Crowd funding sites are most interested in selling data from site donors to their "partners and partners of partners," especially through other major social media companies.
  • WHY CROWD FUNDING DOES NOT WORK FOR RIFLEMAN MEDIA TODAY:   1. All creator content posted on third-party websites take ownership of that content for up to 10 years, WITHOUT creator compensation (called a "one-way royalty")! This is true for most social media companies too. 2. Their payment pipelines are particularly problematic and very expensive, IF the funds are eventually sent to the intended recipient. 3. Their "low" sites fees are NOT as advertised, but often FIVE TIMES higher.
  • NOTE: CROWD FUNDING: MOST RECENT EFFORT:   Rifleman Media's most recent CROWD FUNDING effort is featured at the custom url: Patreon.com/RiflemanMedia (link NOT programmed). It is no longer used for fund raising, because Rifleman Media CAN'T GET PAID, and CAN'T LOGIN.! Currently it should display some of 10 MONTHS OF LOST WORK including past progress updates, founder photos, and short writing samples. Patreon's new login process even confused our supporters holding information science MASTER'S degrees. Filing legimate grievances for MONTHS about their many technical problems and fee structures have gone reached "deaf ears." These are deal-breakers for anybody!
NOW with WESTERN UNION, Rifleman Media extends its reach INTERNATIONALLY.
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Multiple PM Copyrights.
All versions: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. Various entities. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

This work, including all site programming, content, layout, logos, images, etc. may not be used or copied in any fashion, whole or in part, anytime, anywhere, without express written approval, exchanged by snail mail with postmark or signature delivery. All intellectual property rights to other genres (content, images, graphics, logos, etc.) are controlled by Rifleman Media now and have been during all stages of the literary development process.

BETA TEST information / software:
Current browsers used to test this site: Firefox v63.0 (64 bit) - 10-23-2018 / Chrome v70.035.3538 (64 bit) - 2018 / Internet Explorer v11.2551.1493.0 - 2015 // see below for older versions.

This website was originally designed on MOZILLA'S FIREFOX FOR DESKTOP COMPUTERS WITH THE BASE CODE WRITTEN IN 2011 in HTML 4.01 Transitional, (not HTML 5 series).Text wrapping around photos works best on wider screen displays. Pages print best in landscape. That old 2011 code is still displayed here, in the main WWII Media book content section. Believe it or not, this oldest code shows the most correct font and formatting. NO "APPS" ARE NEEDED on any browser OR on any devices! NOTE TO SMART PHONE USERS: "modern" touch screen internet technology did not exist in 2011 - "apps" did not exist.

Historically, Firefox always interpreted our code better than Chrome. Untll 2017, Firefox displayed all our code as programmed. Since 2014 Chrome browsers always had significant limitations, particularly misinterpeting basic HTML font coding. This prevented users from seeing our content properly, particularly on Google Android smart phones.

Now in late 2018, both Firefox and Chrome browsers are giving Mama Rifleman major migraine headaches:

Code that previously displayed perfectly for MANY YEARS is now being misinterpreted by all, including some of our internal site links! HTML 4.01 Transitional code has not changed! HTML 5.xxx has been in development for over 15 years and they still are changing it. It now forces programmers to use very complicated CSS style sheets for sites THAT DON'T NEED THAT - like ours! This founder programmed her GMI site with extensive CSS style sheets (see GlobalMerchantInvest.com). It was better (and easier!) 15 years ago than it is now! (HTML 5 is progress? Yeah, right!)

If site links do not work, giving "site not found" try these tricks. Recently, the browsers can slander honest websites with nonsense "dangerous" warnings about "certificates." This often happens when 'https:' is used instead of 'http:' OUR SITES ARE SAFE! Another common error of browsers is not adding a 'www.' before the url DNS. No Rifleman Media site has ANY active programming intruding on our visitors. We are not using style sheets (CSS) or scripting at this time. There are NO advertisements, 3rd party vendors, and NO collection of user personal data. If data is not collected, then there is nothing to be stored or stolen or SOLD! Rifleman Media's registrar and internet hosting company, Gandi, is the 15th largest in the world. Take a look at this fantastic company! The European Union uses them!

Chrome mobile users: BEST SUGGESTION = TURN YOUR PHONE SIDEWAYS - HORIZONTAL. If accessing our sites with a new "buttonless" smart phone and the latest Android Chrome, you are on your own. That browser changes our sites' appearances almost daily. Do NOT click "make RiflemanMedia.com site "mobile friendly"! It does the reverse! ALL colors and links are LOST and site becomes an ugly black and white mess! Now Firefox is acting crazy, after years of stability. If Rifleman Media's text and images look "funny", try requesting the "desk top" version from the phone's drop down menu. OR change the browser. (Rifleman Media does not trust Google products. BTW, Google is ONLY 20 years old! A relative youngster to those that have 35 years of programming experience, like the Founder of Rifleman Media...)

In other words, if our sites look bad - "it ain't us, it's the browser!" If site does not display AT ALL, try adding "www." in front of the url (subdomain of main url). OR try DIFFERENT BROWSERS which CAN act differently under DIFFERENT ROUTERS! OR go to a real computer with real wires! If you just want to bitch and moan in frustration, Mama Rifleman certainly will understand! Send a text / email: Please include size / definition of screen, type of internet connection (mobile, wifi, cable, etc.), browser(s), and print screens of errors, if possible. Thanks!

OLDER BETA TEST information / hardware:
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